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  • First, let Team TD Smith underscore that value estimates are not an exact science, and on occasion we recommend an appraisal as a baseline for pricing-adjusting upward for possible inherent conservatism. The price mutually agreed upon is a starting point that will be scrutinized for its acceptance by the marketplace and movement in values within the marketplace over time.
  • It is our goal to accomplish a sale in no more than 3 selling seasons (winter/summer) at the highest price level possible. It is not prudent for a seller to treat a valuation as a “beauty contest” awarding the listing to the broker with the highest “bid.” The result will most likely be one of frustration as the price is lowered over time, at the broker’s insistence, to a level where the property should have been initially priced.
  • I do not believe it is in our mutual interests to have your home languish in the market for extended periods of time.
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