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Christie's International Real Estate

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Philosophies, Strategies and Marketing Services

The Company. For over four decades, TD Smith has helped mold Telluride Real Estate Corp. (TREC) into a widely respected agency that provides its clients with the expertise and professionalism demanded in an ever-changing, upscale marketplace. With four primary regional offices and approximately 40 licensed brokers and staff members — nearly half of whom have more than 15 years’ experience in the industry — TREC presents the broadest and most effective exposure for Telluride’s many real estate opportunities.

The Team. With an efficient team of three, TD Smith covers all of the bases at all times, whether attending to marketing campaigns, networking strategies, market research and updates, or the intricacies and demands of complex due diligence and closings.

The Business Philosophy. Investing in Telluride real estate is so much more than a search for the bottom-line. It is a quest to embrace the adventure, intrinsic beauty, thoughtful infrastructure and intimate, small-town sense of community found in Telluride. Having embraced this lifestyle, TD Smith and his team believe that each transaction is distinctly personal, deserving discretion as well as a high level of competence and timeliness, such that a professional and rewarding experience is realized by both buyers and sellers.

The Christie’s Difference



  • 140 affiliated brokerages, 1,000 offices
  • Affiliates in 50 countries
  • 27,000 sales associates
  • Only real estate network owned by a fine art auction house
  • Network achieved US$500 billion in sales over the last 5 years

Christie’s International Real Estate

Existing Global Partnerships with Affiliates and Agents

Strong relationships have been established between our team and agents associated with key market feeders to Telluride. We conference on a quarterly basis and meet annually at the Christie’s Global Conference. Incoming referrals are a more common occurrence than outgoing, but resulting sales with highly satisfied sellers and buyers are realized. Each brokerage and each agent involved are some of the most successful in the luxury real estate industry. Some examples of brokerages that participate within this partnership.

  • Beverly Hills, CA – Hilton & Hyland Real Estate
  • Montecito / Santa Barbara, CA – Village Properties
  • Greenwich, CT – David Ogilvy and Associates, Inc.
  • Jupiter Island, FL – Fenton & Lang
  • New York, NY – Christie’s Corporate Real Estate
  • Austin, TX – Moreland Properties
  • Houston, TX – Nan and Company Properties

Targeted Marketing

Boots on the Ground

After over four decades of real estate experience in the Telluride Region, we have personally generated an extensive electronic database of high net worth clients with the proven capability to perform acquisitions of upscale properties and who have familiarity with our marketplace and a general affection for Telluride. A high-quality “teaser piece” will be generated to reach out to these potential investors immediately. While such a strategy may not directly result in a sale, most assuredly this opportunity will be passed along amongst close friends and business associates.

Digital and Print Promotions

9 out of 10 Investors Begin their Search Online

The website attracts more than one million visitors worldwide every year and, as the preferred portal for buyers and sellers across the globe, consistently ranks among the top results on major search engines. Access to an affluent audience is further enhanced by prominent real estate promotions on, which shows a selection of our properties and brings auction house clients to view our listings through a single click.

Displaying the world’s finest properties in excess of US$1 million, the CIRE website has active listings in 19 languages and more than 50 countries. Using compelling web advertisements, the website currently showcases over 1,080 properties valued at more than US$10 million.

CIRE is actively involved in social media. Discover exclusive property photo tours, auction house spotlights, events, videos, and news from the international Affiliate network on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Vimeo, YouTube, and more. Robust search engine optimization, search engine marketing, and inbound marketing campaigns attract thousands of qualified visitors to the website each month and vastly exceed industry-standard performance.


  • Average visits per month: 212,207
  • Number of inquiries generated to affiliates in Q3 2014: 36,000
  • Average property price: $4,170,000
  • Total value of listed properties: $66B
  • Number of countries with visitors to site: 227

This personal website is the highest trafficked broker website in the Telluride region. Receiving 35,000 page views per month and linked to 25 luxury websites, with a full time traffic generator, the website participates heavily in pay-per-click campaigns through Yahoo, Google, Bing, MSN and other major search engines. Translated into 6 foreign languages, the site receives approximately 54% of its traffic from abroad, as of May 2018. It is consistently ranked in a top 5 position on all major search engines for Telluride, Telluride Real Estate and other popular search terms.

Telluride Real Estate Corp.’s corporate website, which recently underwent a complete redesign, has a nearly 20-year history as a highly trafficked real estate website for the Telluride region. Its updated online presence receives excellent traffic.

Additional Marketing Specifics

Matterport / Virtual Tours

Virtual Tours allow potential buyers from around the world to virtually step foot in a listing with the click of a button. This new virtual tour technology that can be utilized for the residence and uploaded to various websites and the MLS.

Aerial Video Production

Telluride’s landscape is what draws us to the area. Video marketing has become a standard when successfully marketing ranch and architecturally significant properties along with Telluride’s sweeping landscape. With the use of controlled aerial drones, this marketing tool is designed to offer potential buyers a better understanding of the existing residence and overall privacy of the compound. This enhanced experience will ultimately drive them to inquire further about your property.

E-Mail Marketing

We have accumulated an email list of approximately 7,500 investment bankers, CXO’s (CEO’s, CFO’s, etc.) of Fortune 500 companies and oil industry executives that can be targeted for “e-packages” related to the subject property. A detailed “offering” package can be developed to those who respond with focused interest.

Full Color Brochures

Produced for each property, using professional digital photography and high-quality printing. Brochures are available in hard copy and in electronic format and are prominently displayed at TREC offices throughout the region.

Regional Advertising

During peak periods (November – April and June – September), the property shall be advertised as part of a full-page format in either the Telluride Daily Planet or the Telluride Watch. In addition, the property shall appear in the either the Telluride Style or Telluride Visitor’s Guide. TREC shall place the subject property in its comprehensive real estate e-guide and printed version of The Collection, in a full-page format. This buyer’s guide is distributed to regional offices and extensive mailing lists.

Co-op Broker Participation

TREC has an excellent working relationship with regional brokerages and accomplishes approximately 40% of its sales through cooperative efforts. TREC will educate the brokerage community related to this unique residence and arm those brokers who specialize in high dollar sales with the Due Diligence Package mentioned above.