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Our Team’s firm opinion is that marketing plans are meant to be dynamic and by mutual agreement can be modified at any time to reflect new ideas and avenues for promotion as they arise. Should you decide to embark upon the sale of your property, we look forward to your input and consider our relationship to be as much a partnership as that of a client / agency contract.
We are very proud to have been selected as an Exclusive Affiliate of the Christies International Real Estate Network. The fabric of the Christie’s art auction house and its real estate network is woven quite differently than its competitors and provides a distinct point of difference in our marketing efforts. The very foundation of its ownership is corporately and stylistically disparate. Christie’s is owned by one individual — Francois Pinault, multi-billionaire whose portfolio also includes Gucci, Balenciaga and Stella McCartney among others. Christie’s International Real Estate is fully supported by the auction house through joint marketing efforts with its chosen affiliates (not franchisees), allowing access to high net worth art collectors and property owners worldwide.

Given CIRE’s ownership by and close working relationship with this preeminent global art auction house, we are enabled to interact with over 300,000 of its customers, many of whom collect fine real estate as they would priceless pieces of art. Our fine properties are a part of its quarterly auction catalogues and newsletters and can be displayed hard copy format in many of its publications and global auction houses.

This creates major differences between Christie’s and other “brands” – – Private versus corporate driven businesses, affiliated versus franchised networks, with CIRE fully owned and operated by the world’s finest art auction house with shared clientele and marketing venues.

In a production-based business, Team TD Smith has personal sales figures consistently placing them at the top of all local Telluride brokers. During the past four years, TD and Chris personally closed over $186,500,000 in transactions, a figure that exemplifies their proficiency at handling the finest and most elite properties in the market. 

We look forward to you working with you.