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The best luxury lodges in Mountain Village, CO

Perched high up the San Juan Mountains and sitting so close to Telluride, Mountain Village is a top choice for 5-star hotels and lodging. You'll be minutes away from everything the area has to offer, including world-class ski runs, upscale ...

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Choosing The Right Telluride Lodges

Few places rival Telluride’s reputation for luxury and hospitality. From Swiss Chalet-inspired homes to world-class skiing, it is a travel destination like no other. But it is also one of the most desirable places to live in Colorado, with ex...

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The home buying process: An overview The process involved in buying property is pretty much standard, whether you are batting for a single-family home in the suburbs or a luxury ski resort property. If you are on the hunt for a new dr...

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The home selling process: An overview When going into the process of selling your home, it is good to consider several factors that can have a strong impact on achieving the best deal in the quickest time. Find a local realtor ...

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Living in Telluride

Fun facts about Telluride If you have already heard about Telluride, chances are that the ski resort came into mind. Telluride is, however, more than just a great place for skiing. It is actually a community with a long and rich minin...

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Telluride’s Ski Properties

Things to consider when investing in ski property Living in a ski resort property may seem like the epitome of deluxe living. However, the snow and cold in a mountain setting can present a unique set of challenges to properties found ...

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